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Member Service Project Provides Relevant, Valuable Resources

Vol. 40 No. 2


Ray Panneton is an Assistant Editor of The Affiliate and an Associate in The Talaska Law Firm P.L.L.C. in Houston, Texas.

Members of the ABA Young Lawyers Division constantly seek information that allows them to grow professionally and personally. The ABA YLD meets this membership need through the Member Service Project. Providing valuable and relevant information to members is the mission of the Member Service Project. Although the Member Service Project does not directly provide services to the general public, it does provide information that equips ABA YLD members to meet client needs through educational materials.

In an effort to ensure that the Member Service Project is carrying out its mission of value and relevance, the Project turned inward to evaluate available services and identify areas of improvement. The ABA YLD has maintained an extensive library of practice materials under the banner of the Career Development Initiative; however, after inventorying the available materials, the Division made the decision that the library needed to be overhauled to better meet the needs of the membership. The legal environment is rapidly changing, and the materials available to the membership should reflect these changes.

Edward Rawl, Chair of the Member Service Project, met with ABA YLD Chair Andrew Schpak and other Division leaders to brainstorm ways to update the practice materials available to Division members. To evaluate how best to update the library, the Project analyzed what other bar associations were offering to their memberships. During this process, the Division saw that the ABA YLD was offering world-class, relevant, and constantly updated materials to its members. These materials covered a multitude of practice areas and experience levels. “In an effort to not re-invent the wheel, the decision was made to not update our library, but ensure that our members are aware of what materials are available through the ABA,” stated Rawl.

The Member Service Project polled Division members to measure awareness of the materials that are available to members. “We got the results back from the poll,” Rawl added, “and were astonished to see that a majority of the members didn’t even know the materials existed.” The Project made the decision to focus on making members aware of the materials available to them. To accomplish this, the Project is producing short videos to highlight certain materials, along with information on how to access other materials. During this bar year, the Project plans to produce eight of these informative videos that last approximately 90 seconds in length and will be in Adobe Voice format.

In addition to the short videos highlighting available resources, there is also an emphasis on developing short video presentations highlighting soft-skills. As the practice of law changes, it is important that ABA YLD members stay abreast of not only substantive law changes but also the skills necessary to succeed in the current legal environment. Currently, the Project is working to develop informative videos in the following areas:

  • networking, marketing, and rainmaking;
  • law firm economics;
  • health, wellness, and stress management;
  • staff management;
  • compensation negotiations;
  • alternative schedules/flex-time;
  • professional development plans;
  • Baolustre Sandal Brand Flip Flat Slippers Beach Slides Flops Slip Gold On legal project management; and
  • delivering bad news to clients.

Producing these videos will further the Project’s objective of providing relevant and valuable resources to Division members. In addition to the topics above, the current “30 Tips in 30 Minutes” webinar will also be highlighted.

Relevance and value are the two most important things that the ABA YLD can provide to its membership. The Division achieves these goals through the Member Service Project. The Project’s sole mission is to provide members with information that will help them improve themselves and their practices. Through short, informative videos, the Project will ensure that the Division is aware of all of the valuable information available through the Division and the ABA.

To ensure that you receive all of the informative videos being produced this bar year, as well as other information, you must opt-in to emails from the ABA and the ABA YLD. You can manage your email preferences by logging into your ABA account and choosing to accept emails from the ABA and the ABA YLD.

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The Affiliate is published electronically six times a year for the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division’s state, local, and specialty affiliated young lawyer groups. In addition to conveying information to bar leaders around the country about events, meetings, subgrants, and other resources offered through the ABA YLD, The Affiliate seeks to inspire new projects through feature articles highlighting individual Affiliate projects and persons involved in public service and membership support.

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For information about services and resources available to Affiliates through the ABA Young Lawyers Division, email Shoe Fresh 2100 New Black Balance Walking Foam v1 Women's White y7Ir10RZI.

Andrew J. VanSingel, Wheaton, IL

Associate Editors
Andrew J. Hoag, Los Angeles, CA
Justin C. Sensing, Clarksville, TN

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Sarah Gibson Daly, Denver, CO
AnnMichelle Hart, Federal Way, WA
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Eli T. Marchbanks, Spokane, WA
Elizabeth J. McShan, Dallas, TX
Raymond Panneton, Houston, TX
Sahmra Stevenson, Landover, MD

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Rick Bright
American Bar Association
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ABA Young Lawyers Division

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Stefan M. Palys, Phoenix, AZ

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